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TAE 2020

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA

April 3rd – April 15th

William H.Miller Studios & Fine Art
714 Main St
Myrtle Beach, SC, 29577

Opening Night RSVP Is Open!

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Latest News

The Power of Art – Elaine Sloan

We are delighted to have artist Elaine Sloan, otherwise known as @SkylarkArtist as our guest artist in this month’s Blog. She has contributed to TAE since 2016 and has deep love for art. Elaine says ‘I paint mainly seascapes and love the interactions between the...

The life on an artist – Al Gord

We are delighted that this month's blog is with Al Gord. A self taught artist who uses acrylics as his chosen medium, he found his way back to painting after a lengthy hiatus from art. He has always loved rock music from classic sounds of the late 1960s to the current...

The Life of an artist – Wendy Klein

Wendy Klein is an artist who lives in Florida and has given art to TAE since 2014. It seemed wholly appropriate that this month’s blog, which falls during the TAE Exhibition, should be on an artist who has given so generously to the exhibition for the last six years....


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In the past

Previous Exhibitions

2019: Art in Healthcare

Edinburgh, Scotland

Curator: Sam Banister


2018: Riding for the Disabled

Canberra, Australia

Curator: Kylie Fogarty

2017: Molly Olly’s Wishes

Stratford Upon Avon, UK

Curator: Cathryn Salter-Smith

2016: Foster Pride

New York, NY, USA

Curator: Isha Setia-Mader

2015: Home Start Moss

Moss, Norway

Curator: David Sandum

2014: Center for Contemporary Dance: Special Needs Classes

Orlando, FL, USA

Curator: Robin Pedrero

2013: Art Division

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Curators: Nat George & Virginia Arce

2012: Women’s Shelter

Moss, Norway

Curator: David Sandum

2010: Children’s Books for Moss Public Library

Moss, Norway

Curator: David Sandum


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