Past Exhibitions

2013: Art Division, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Curators: Nat George, Virginia Arce

Art Division is a nonprofit organization that mentors underprivileged young adults (18-24) in the densely populated Rampart district of Los Angeles in preparation for careers in the visual arts. See their website here.

The L.A. show marked the launch of the Twitter Art Exhibit concept on the international stage, and ran from January 12 to February 10, 2013, attracting 502 artists from 35 countries who sent 726 entries, raising $7,000 for Art Division (100% of the proceeds went to the organization). Art Division is constantly evolving to provide mentoring, tutoring, and professional arts training to its students whom, without these services, are likely to fall through the cracks of L.A.’s educational system, preventing them from pursuing a college education or developing their incredible innate artistic talent. Funds raised from the exhibition went to help build a new library and painting studio, providing a safe environment where these young artists can study, be mentored, and attend lectures by professional art educators.

2012: Women’s Shelter, Moss, Norway
Curator: David Sandun

The Women’s Crisis Center in Moss, Norway is a resource where abused women and children can get help. The center also provides a 24 hour phone-service, counseling, food and shelter. At the time of the exhibit, it had lost a lot of funding and the staff had been cut from 19 to 11. This is a very important cause, not only for the women in a crisis situation but also for their children. See their website here.

The exhibit ran in May of 2012 and was another success! Together with 360 artists from 32 countries, we helped raise $4,000 USD (24,000 NOK). 100% of the proceeds went to the shelter.

2010: Children’s books for Moss public library
Curator: David Sandum

The first exhibit was announced on October 21, 2010, and was organized to help the Moss public library raise funds for children’s books. 260 twitter artists from 24 countries participated and David’s kitchen was flooded with art! The event went national and garnered local recognition in Norwegian media (TV, radio and newspapers). To read the blog post from the 1st Twitter Art Exhibit and view comments from participating artists, please click here.

For pictures of individual cards, see:

Of course, 100% of the proceeds went directly to the charity, and with the funds raised, we were able to purchase 221 new children’s books.

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