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David Sandum (Moss, Norway) – TAE Founder
On Twitter, DavidSandum

David Sandum was born in 1971 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Today he resides in Moss, Norway, much thanks to his Norwegian wife Kjersti.

Early on, David displayed a talent for drawing and in 9th grade, one of his pieces was selected for an exhibit at the Gothenburg Art Museum for “evolving young students”.

Although David is self-taught, he took courses in art history and introductory art as an undergraduate student at the University of Utah (1995-1999). Learning art theory was a boost, David says: “For the first time my eyes were opened to all forms of art, not just the realistic motifs people tend to fancy; I became particularly enthused by colour and expressionism”.

After graduating with a BA in Organizational Communication and History, David and his family moved to Norway after nearly six years in the United States. Soon, he was employed in the IT-industry but years of accumulated stress took a toll and led him to re-examine his life. It was during this difficult time that David took up oil painting: “Painting and drawing helped me generate a sense of purpose in a meaningless world.”

Just like any artist, David draws inspiration from everything around him, and he doesn’t hesitate to share his sources of motivation: “Monet’s skies, Vincent’s yellow, Matisse’s red, and Munch’s expressiveness.” 

David has been a full-time artist since 2000 and has exhibited yearly since then. In 2010 he organized the first #Twitterartexhibit.

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Cat Salter-Smith (Worcestershire, UK) – Social Media & Creative Design
On Twitter, CatSalterArtist

Cat Salter-Smith was born in Dorset, UK in 1964 and grew up in Europe in Brussels, Belgium for 10 years and attended Wits University in South Africa in the early 80’s where she studied for a BA in Fine Art, English and Art History. She is married with two daughters.

Cat retrained in Horticulture and Garden Design 14 years ago, and runs her own garden design practice in Worcestershire as well as lecturing in design for the RHS.

Her style of painting is contemporary realism and all her still life paintings are imbued with bright light, reflections and deep shadows. She also enjoys coastal scenes and has just recently begun doing portraiture.

This year, Cat entered a portrait into The BP Portrait Award held at the National Portrait Gallery in London and was ‘long-listed’ from 2500 entries to the second stage of over 400. Unfortunately, the painting did not make the cut to the final short-list of 53, but she will be trying again next year!

She has taken part in all of the TAE’s over the past 6 years and has organized TAE17 in the UK in Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire.

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Isha Setia-Mader (New York, NY) – Technology, Digital & Operations
On Twitter, IshismsWorld


Isha Setia-Mader was born in India, moved around the US and now lives and works in New York with her husband.

She started young at the age of 4 in sketching, discovered charcoal, moved to acrylic and now works primarily in oil.

Moving to New York inspired her to capture moments using a fixed lens of an iPhone and then gradually moving to Sony A7. Photography inspired her to combine some of her works with other imagined ideas onto the larger canvas using oils.  Her style of painting is contemporary.

Currently, she works as a painter and landscape photographer from home location in New York. Some of her favorite artists are Salvador Dali and Frida Kahlo and resonates with Van Gogh’s quote: “I dream my painting and I paint my dream.”

She has taken part in all of the TAE’s since 2012 and curated TAE16 in the New York.

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Martin Sebek (Prague,Czech Republic) – Strategic & Business Development Advisor
On Twitter, 01Zebban

Based in Prague, an International leader with experiences from working in retail, wholesale, logistic, distribution, supply chain, shared services and energy industry. His roles have been region/area manager, managing director and business unit manager with a focus on long-term strategy and business development.  He is also a rotary club member in Prague whose global goal is to help charities.

An aspiring artist with a strong business development background, Martin fits into the TAE board wonderfully.